New sensor technology purpose built for a rough environment

Better counts add up to better yield.

To get accurate counts of the seeds you’re planting, you rely on your seed tube sensors. But OEM optical sensors aren’t very reliable in dusty conditions or near tires that are kicking up debris. They can report dust and debris as seeds. Then you get bad counts. Then your yield suffers because you’re not making needed adjustments as you plant.

WaveVision sensors and seed tubes don’t depend on optics. They don’t see seeds, they detect mass, using high-frequency sensors. They can tell the difference between seeds and dust or debris, and count only the seeds. You get accurate counts, so you can plant what you plan. Your yield improves.

Plug & Play

It Really Is That Easy

We include a new seed tube with the WaveVision Sensor – pre-assembled and ready to go. Just pull out your old sensor and seed tube, and unplug the sensor at the weather pack connection.

Insert the new WaveVision seed tube, reroute your sensor wire and plug it into the planter harness’s weather pack connection. That’s it. Your existing monitor — 20/20 SeedSense or other — will recognize the new sensor right alongside your other rows

If you have more than 12 rows of WaveVision sensors, and are not using 20/20 SeedSense, you will also plug in a power booster between the 37-pin connector in order to supply a consistent and more robust supply of power to the WaveVision sensors.

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