Firm and Stable

Firmer is better…
After all these years.

The Keeton Seed Firmer was our original product. The technologies we’ve developed since have taken precision planting (planting with precision) to then-unimaginable levels. But this simple, ingenious device still makes a major contribution to yield.

Seeds don’t always land right in the bottom of the trench where they belong. But, with its unique, in-the-trench design, the Keeton Seed Firmer is the only thing that gently firms those seeds to the bottom of the V. So the depth is even. The seed-to-soil contact is correct. The germination is uniform. The yield is optimum.

There’s a Firmer for virtually every planter or drill, with single or dual applicator tubes. Put one on each of your row units and watch your seeds do their very best.

For Your Drill. Cut Soybean Seed Costs & Gain As Much As $30 Per Acre.

Special Seed Firmers for your drill. New field trials show that Firmers make you money in three ways: Reduce seed costs, increase yields, and lower equipment and labor costs.

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