Project Description

The vSet meter:
• the best singulation available
• outstanding reliability
• easy to maintain
• easy to use

vSet features a flat disk with a single vac setting. It releases seeds down the center of the tube – critical to optimum spacing. And has a floating, 5-lobed singulator that makes sure no two seeds of any kind can occupy the same hole. One seed locks in and one seed drops. Every time. This champion singulator is a model of simplicity in operation. It handles any seed size or shape without finicky tweaks to vac pressure, disk or singulator settings. Just pour in the seed and go. Then get ready for your best possible yield.

Build Quality = Reliability

Field Experience Informs Engineering

Working with equipment in the field lets you understand the stresses and issues products face. Our engineers and product developers grew up in the field and it shows in our product design. And our manufacturing standards ensure reliability — as well as top performance.

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